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    Trituradores sanitarios
    Un triturador sanitario es un aparato que permite transformar los residuos sólidos en líquidos mediante un sistema de trituración con cuchillas. Los sistemas de bombeo de los trituradores están equipados con una turbina que evacúa los residuos líquidos, ya triturados, y permite elevarlos hasta 9 m. de altura.

    A spa at home
    The hydromassage columns are the perfect item to make your shower or bathroom a relaxing space. In recent times, have experienced a long boom, due to its numerous advantages. The hydromassage brings multiple benefits for health, beauty and wellness.

    Current cuisine
    The sink and faucet are the elements most commonly used in the kitchen. It is the kitchen area that presents greater activity, so that the choice of each of these pieces are very important decisions that will shape the use and comfort of the kitchen, without neglecting his touch of style.

    Water treatments
    Much of the water that comes into our homes has a high content of calcium and other impurities (nitrates, chlorine, ...) despite having gone through a process of purification with their corresponding controls. Water has become a element with pollution symptoms affecting their cycle and also to our health.

    Every day there are more systems for water treatment on the market that allow us to obtain quality water without the use of chemicals.

    The Osmosis systems, thanks to its full filter, can reduce the salt content of the water and remove particulates and noxious substances. This systems provide a spring of natural water in the home, ideal for a healthy balanced diet. The water low in minerals caring our body. The cooking of food retains all its properties and flavor. Plants and pets also notice it, especially aquariums, extending the life of the fish. The steam iron and teams that depend on the quality and purity of water also benefit.

    Domestic water softeners remove limescale household. The treated water is better for personal care, softness and hydration to the skin and hair, allowing shaved without irritation. The soft water also facilitates general household cleaning, reduces the time and highlights the brilliance of chrome, porcelain, crystals ... The descalers eliminate the risk of fouling in pipes. So that long-term reduction of faults noticed in the facilities. Improving performance and extending the useful life of appliances. Also, note the smoothness of the clothes washed with soft water without the use of softeners, pure white color and brightness of the other colors.

    These two types of water treatment systems: osmosis and decalcification, are not substitutes, complement each other. It is very convenient to install both systems to enjoy a healthy and balanced water.

    In our section of water treatments you will find various models of each of these systems and can choose the one that best suits your needs and possibilities. Variety of models of the most recognized brands and specialized in water treatment: ATH, Cillit, Radikal, waterfilter, Concept, Storm ...

    New faucets for the bathroom
    Over recent years, the faucet has experienced a breakthrough, both with new designs, more originals, as technology-related aspects such as security and the efficient use of water (water and energy savings , flow control and temperature regulation, ...)

    New trends in bathrooms.
    In recent years, the decoration and the bathroom's equipment have gained increasing importance, becoming the bathroom in one of the most important areas within the home. There is growing concern that the bathrooms provide warmth, comfort and relaxation that people need for their welfare.

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